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Why Use Arnold’s?

For Arnold’s Pest Control of Cranford, New Jersey, business was never just about business.

“We’re a local, family owned business,” said Brian Denny, owner of Arnold’s Pest Control. “Our business is about relationships. We know our customers. It’s personal. When we treat a home or a business, it’s a place nearby, possibly in our neighborhood. For us, a client is never just a number or a case file, it’s a person.”

At Arnold’s Pest Control, Denny and his colleagues are professionals. They are trained in an almost holistic view of controlling bugs and wildlife.

“The easy way of pest control is to find the problem and kill the bugs or remove the animal,” Denny explained. “The better way is to take a step back and look at what caused the problem. Look at the entire structure – the whole house or the whole business. How are the activities of the home or business making it more attractive to pests? How is the condition of the structure making it a home for mice or rats or squirrels or bees or termites? Yes, we want to take care of the current problem. But what changes can we make to improve the chances that it will not happen again.”

As a result, Arnold’s Pest Control encourages education and prevention to help prevent problems that will require treatment.

“Just like you get regular maintenance for your car and regular checkups for you and your family, you should have regular pest control maintenance of your home and business,” Denny said. “Repair of structural damage to your home or office can be a huge cost that nobody budgeted for. Why not invest in your structure and prevent the damage in the first place.”

The members of Arnold’s expert team of certified pest control applicators are licensed in structural pest control, the treatment of wood destroying insects, mosquito control, integrated pest management in schools and food processing. Members of the team are available for emergencies.

“We like what we do,” Denny said. “Your home and your business are so important to you. And by doing our job well, we can help those structures and your way of life. That’s a good feeling.”

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