Integrated Pest

Integrated Pest Management

The best pest control is a partnership between Arnold’s Pest Control and the business owner and homeowner. By working together, we can make sure your structure is not pest friendly. We can make sure that when insects and wildlife approach your home, they don’t see a welcome mat.

Mechanical and environmental changes can be used to make your home or business less friendly to insects or wildlife. It can reduce the need or amount of pesticide applications. We take our commitment to being guardians of the environment very seriously.

Reduced Use of Pesticides

Pesticides are useful and sometimes a necessary tool for pest control. The use of pesticides can be reduced with proper integrated pest management. Eliminating conditions that are attractive to insects and wildlife can greatly reduce the need for pesticide applications.

  • Exclusion. Screening, caulking and sealing potential points of entry.
  • Environmental Changes. Mulch beds, sanitation and proper garbage disposal. Bird feeding can create a lot of debris.
  • Moisture Management. Proper maintenance of roof gutters and drainage. Correct grading of soil. Maintenance of roof flashing. Plumbing, heating and air conditioning. Exterior spigots and irrigation systems.

Trust Us for Proper Pest Control

At Arnold’s Pest Control, our goal is to do more than just to handle current problems with insects or wildlife. We look at the big picture. We want to look at your entire business and your entire home. Today’s pest control problem could hint toward a larger problem within your structure.

Our plan is to find it before it endangers the structure or your home or office.

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